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You told me my trip home would be better with my new ear protectors.  You were wrong.  The trip home was FABULOUS!  I can’t believe I have been riding without ear protection for all these years.  They are comfortable, and they actually make riding a motorcycle less stressful.  Thank you very much for your excellent service.  I have already told many of my buddies and they will be contacting you soon!
Thank you again.

Solon R., MD
San Francisco, CA


am very happy with these. (custom Hocks Noisebrakers) They are comfortable, I can hear people talk but the shooting noise is no problem. I will recommend these to my fellow shooters. The case you provided is good for the range bag.

Sr. Deputy Phil B.
SF Sheriff’s Department


Totally dig the Tunz, Mike.
Of course I totally ignored your advice to build up my tolerance - but I made a conscious decision not to whine if my ears hurt, so your warning/instruction was very well taken.
Anyway, I left them in for 2 long rides both Saturday and Sunday. 6 hour rides.
My ears must have been used to the Etymotics being jammed up in there because the Tunz feel great. I wear them to work as well.
I am very happy with them.
Thanks for a very professional job.  

George O.
San Francisco, CA


Hi Mike,

I’m truly in love with my stereo headphones for my multiple iPods!   It gives me an incredible sound experience and I am amazed every time I use them.  At the gym they are amazing.  Embarrassingly, I perspire more than most on any cardio workout and have ruined countless headsets that slip out and end up getting stepped on, tangled, or outright become hazards as I try to catch them while running on a treadmill, spin-class, or the rolling stair-machines and throw me off balance.  These stay in place like I’ve glued them onto my ear.  I like how they feel and they’re a breeze to clean. 

The greatest experience is on airplanes!  They’re better than ANY noise cancellation headset, and I’ve found that I can put them in without any music and they’ll cancel-out surrounding sounds and I can peacefully doze off the entire flight.  Sincerely – I’ve never been so rested after a flight of more than 3 hours!  It’s like having your own isolation-chamber, and I love it.  I know you spent some time convincing me and I have a built in skepticism for just about anything electronic that promises to deliver all you and your company say … but I am glad to have made this purchase and I keep inventing new ways to maximize my experience.   

A co-worker of mine found a company who takes ear-molds, then makes a ‘silicone/rubber’ type ear plug, then ‘cuts’ a hole through it and molds one end to snugly grab his earphones.  He thought this was the best thing he’s ever invested in.  When I looked at it, I recognized the cheapness and future failure once the silicone/rubber stretches out or denigrates.  I showed him what I got from you … regardless of our different ear shapes, he tried mine and immediately knew mine were giving him the experience he ‘should’ be getting! 

I think you’ll be getting an order from him soon as he’s far more of an audiophile than I am and asked for your info. 

Thank you again for your time, patience and energy with me.  It’s been several months with them and I cannot be happier!


Gregory S.

New Providence, NJ

Thank you for the personal service and timely delivery.  In the interest of full disclosure, your potential and future customers should know several points never mentioned in your sales pitch, as follows:

1. My sex life has improved markedly since receiving the headset.
2. I have noticed enlarged biceps in addition to other body parts.
3. I am able to wear the headset around the house which has done wonders for my 45 year marriage.
4. People seem to be friendlier; in fact you told me to tell all my friends but I didn't have any until I began to wear the headset.
5. My problem solving skills are now truly remarkable; in fact I have begun work on a solution to the Gulf Oil Spill.

Of course, I took possession of the product only two hours ago, so I am sure this is just the beginning.

Thank you Michael.  

Bruce K.

San Francisco, CA


I will sing your praises, as I have found you to be the best value with the best product.

It has been a pleasure dealing with you, Michael.

Carl W.
Torrance, CA


I was fitted for a mold that my bluetooth device mounts to, and I have never been more satisfied with any device in my ear. I have owned over six bluetooth devices. Some made my ear sore for the constant resetting it in my ear, others fell out on a regular basis, others were like a leaf waving in the wind. Now with the fitted device I can shake my head, lean to the side or do any other normal head movement and the device stays put as if its a part of my ear. It's great I recommend it to any active person that has a need to wear a listening device in their ear.

Thank you Michael!

Alex H.
Vallejo, CA


The Custom ear monitors are AWESOME!

Tuvien L.
Vallejo, CA

Thank you so very much for helping our department out, (with custom earpieces and earplugs), We would like to bring you back soon.  Thank you again for your good work and professionalism.  I look forward to working with you again soon.

Doug M.
Minden, NV


I bought a set of earplugs from you at Street Vibrations. I want to let you know I am quite satisfied with them. They do what they are suppose to do and are quite comfortable. I'm glad I got them.

I'll be looking for ya on down the road. I would like another pair of your fantastic ear plugs.

Mike C.
Reno, NV

Michael, Yes I did receive my new monitors.  My Saturdays and Sundays are both 15 hour days so I tried them tonight.. All I can say is WOW!!  They fit so very well and sound so very good. 

I cannot begin to thank you for representing not only a fine product, but also your personal customer service skills are superior.  If I can be of assistance to you in any way please call.

I look forward to meeting you again in the future.  I hope our paths cross.


Randy V.
Folsom, CA


They (musician's plugs) work just great!

I have worn them for 2 gigs and love them. I even like having them in when I put on my headphones for practicing as they reduce the timber of the drums and give me a more exact feel of the stick attack on the drum head.  Thank you for being there and immediately ready to make any necessary corrections. 

Thanks so much for all your help and attention. Hope to see you when you get to Reno again!
I would recommend your service and product to anyone.
A very happy customer,  

Phil D.

Reno, NV


As a user of Superior Sound Technology custom ear mold earplugs for the past several months, I can say that my sleep has been improved considerably. I appreciate the convenience of the ear plugs... they fit beautifully since they are custom molded to one's ears. Earplugs that I've used in the past would become loosened in my ears and I would have to fiddle with them or push them back into my ear over and over due to the poor fit. Since I had been using silicone ear plugs, the material would become dirty and so they needed to be replaced frequently. Not so with these as one pair will last seven or eight years or more. I find that the earplugs are very effective in their ability to drown out sound to the level one need to comfortably sleep.

My husband used the Superior Sound Technology custom earplugs recently during a flight from the Midwest. He really needed some sleep on the plane and found the earplugs to be just the thing to help him catch a few zzz's. His comment when he arrived home was, "Boy, those earplugs really drown out the sound but you still can hear conversation or you can hear when someone says something." They really helped him to catch up on his sleep.

Claudia and Michael made the process of having the ear molds made fun and easy. They educated us on what was being done every step of the way and put us at ease about the process.

I would highly recommend them to anyone needing custom ear molds. Thank you, Claudia and Michael!

Amy H.
Benicia, CA