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Warranty & Support Information

Superior Sound Technology has a simple warranty and support philosophy - we want you to be happy with our products and feel like you have received good value for your money. We want you to feel valued as our  customer, so that's why we offer a " no nonsense" 3 year warranty on our solid earplugs made from Ear-Guard material using the impression gun process, and a one year warranty on all our other products. The warranty does not include loss, or obvious misuse or damage, (for example, tire tread marks where you ran over your headset by accident!) We expect that you will take reasonable care of your product to protect it and make it last. In the case of Ear-Guard solid plugs, wash with mild soap and water and the occasional drop of mineral oil to keep them smooth and easy to insert/remove. For other products, follow the simple wearing and care instructions that comes with each device. We recommend, for example,  that stereo monitors be kept in their case when not in use, wiped clean after use and kept free of earwax for best performance.

Fit Issues

We ask you to please address any fit issues within the first 30 days from the receipt of your product, (whether on-site in the case of Ear-Guard solid plugs, or via shipping on our lab generated products or electronic accessories.) Please call or email us, and we will work with you to adjust or remake the product to your satisfaction within the first 30 days - or happily issue a refund. That is the way we work, period.

New Items, Out-of-Warranty Repairs, Upgrades, Replacements, etc.

Remember, we have the benefit of Starkey Laboratories "Ears on File" digital imaging technology to allow you to order another Superior Sound Technology product without having to redo the impression process. So, if your stereo monitors are in you "lost" airport luggage, have a "pet incident, " decide you really want a bluetooth headset adapter, or take up surfing and decide you want custom fit swimmer's earplugs - just call or email us - we have your
"Ears on File" and can create (or re-create!) the custom earmold product you need.

If you want to upgrade and Tunz Solo stereo monitor to an Tunz Duo? That's no problem. Same for a Duo to a Trio. Need a replacement cable? Want a different color? Need any other services? Again, just contact us. We are here to help.

Return & Refit Procedures

In the case of a product needing to be returned for adjustment, use the "Contact Us" page to call or email to let us know the issue. We will either request that you ship the product to our office for inspection and adjustment, or, we will send you a postage paid return envelope to allow you to ship the product to Starkey on our behalf to have the warranty adjustment work performed.