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SoundGear©Electronic Hearing Protection



2 models are available in the Custom In-the Ear Model

Silver       -           $899.95

Platinum  -       $1,099.95 

2 models are available in the Universal Behind-the-Ear Model

Silver         -         $299.95

Platinum  -           $349.95



When it comes to hunting and competitive shooting, timing and accuracy are everything. The best shooters react quickly to get on their targets accurately. The more time they have to aim, the greater their success.  Whether its game movement, trap release or range commands, hearing is an important advantage in your shooting accuracy and enjoyment... not to mention your safety.

  is designed to extend the range of your hearing, while at the same time limiting the harmful effects of muzzle blast. The easily adjusted digital amplifier allows you to fine-tune the response based on your personal listening preferences. it also features a master volume control, allowing you to make quick adjustments in the field for changing conditions. It is also the only digital hearing protection on the market today with active acoustic and wind noise cancellation using Starkey Laboratories Acoustic Signature Technology.   This is combined with Starkey’s “best-in-class” feedback cancelation which  
provides better sound quality, eliminates whistling and buzzing, provides more audibility for soft sounds, allows it to work better with conventional telephones, cell phones or 2-way radios, and improves overall speech recognition .  These two features work in concert to take the SoundGear out of the league of any other shooting protection device on the market today.


SoundGear’s compact design allows you to shoulder your firearm quickly and naturally. Unlike larger earmuff designs, Magnum Ear will not interfere with your ability to aim, and is comfortable enough to wear all day.


Available in a style that fits every need and budget, SoundGear™delivers the ultimate in performance and comfort. Discover a whole new world of listening proficiency, while helping to protect your hearing as well. Trust SoundGear™ to maximize the good given sense that nature has already provided you!

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