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How to Buy
Placing An Order

Once you find the products you feel best meets your needs,  there are several ways to order from Superior Sound Technology:

1. Contact us at 707 863-7431 to arrange an appointment for a personalized fitting in the Northern California Area.  Please call to arrange a scheduled time.

3. Visit our booth at  major events and trade shows we  attend throughout Northern California and Nevada.

4. If you are outside the Northern California Area, call us at 707 863-7431 or email us at to allow us to find you an location to have ear impressions made in your area. We’ll help you find the nearest location and answer any questions you may have. (You may be required to pay a nominal fee for the service to the person making your impression. )


After your impression is completed, the person taking the impressions, (either the Superior Sound Technology Technician or an outside provider), will send your impression to Starkey Hearing Technologies, a world-class production facility in Eden Prairie, MN.. Once Starkey Labs receives your impressions, your product will be built and shipped via FedEx Ground or FedEx Next Day service.

Ears on File

We digitally record the ear impressions of every Superior
Sound Technology customer and save them in Starkey's Ears on File system for 27 months. So the next time you order a Superior Sound Technology product, we can simply pull up your file and send it to the lab right away. We do not need to take your impressions again, and we gladly accept credit card transactions by phone to order additional or replacement products.