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Custom Stethoscope Adapter


PRICE - $149.95 (pair)

Superior Sound Technology's Custom Stethoscope Adapters can be fitted to nearly any stethoscope to add comfort and enhance hearing abilities in noisy medical environments. Primary applications include doctors, paramedics, anesthesiologists, nurse
and EMT's. Choose from a range of colors and materials. These can be custom laser engraved with the professional's name, practice name, hospital, or virtually any other type of printing.
  • Provide superior comfort - typical stethoscope generic ear tips are uncomfortable and do not fit their ears properly.
  • Allow for sound isolation to enhance hearing abilities in noisy medical environments, such as ambulances, emergency rooms and medivac flight operations/ field rescue situations. (Venting options allow better situational awareness when needed.)
  • Designed to be used with both standard and  a precordial stethoscopes.
  • The acrylic earpieces, (which can be sterilized), come with an anodized aluminum ear mold adapter and three feet of 1/8”(3.2mm) tubing. (Longer lengths are available upon request.)
These custom molded stethoscope adapters make a wonderful gift for the newly graduated Doctor, Nurse, Paramedic or EMT. 

Note: Original ear impressions taken by Superior Sound Technology are digitally scanned and stored in Starkey’s “Ears on File” program so replacements can be ordered without the need for new ear impressions.

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Backed by a 60-day trial and 1-year warranty