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Custom Racing Earmold


PRICE - $129.95 (single ear configuration)
               $249.95 (dual ear configuration) 

Superior Sound Technology custom fit racing earmolds are designed to allow the amateur and professional racing drivers to have comfortable safe and clear communications between their racing pit crews and tactician.  Communicating the visual and telemetry status of the car, warning drivers of track hazards, advising race position and fuel management can mean the difference between winning and losing a race.

Our single or dual racing receivers are made from a heat/fire resistant "Utraflex" silicone or High Strength Silicone (HSS) with a fire resistant Kevlar bonded cable.  They can be set up in single ear and dual ear monaural 3.5 mm configurations with standard 18 inch wiring for helmet communications and color coded for Right/Left. (Available in half shell and full shell.)

 Used by Indy, CART, and NASCAR drivers, they offer superior comfort for long endurance racing, clear communications and extreme durability.