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Pilot Headset Custom Earmold


PRICE - $99.95

Superior Sound Technology's Custom Pilot Headset earmold is the choice of commercial airline pilots worldwide. The Custom Pilot Headset enables discreet and clear two-way communication. Choose from a range of colors and materials, which include an adjustable boom for microphone positioning.

  • Superior comfort, professional look with a true custom fit - complete elimination of the uncomfortable headband.
  • Sound isolation from cockpit noise that allows full situational awareness, bur reduces noise fatigue on long hauls.
  • Plantronics MS50 series, Starset, or Telex 5X5 Pro III can be worn without a headband.
  • Hear Tower and ATC communications more clearly - the need to repeat instructions is significantly reduced.

Thousands of pilots are currently enjoying this headband-free arrangement with all-day comfort and crystal clear communications.

Note: Original ear impressions taken by Superior Sound Technology are digitally scanned and stored in Starkey’s “Ears on File” program so upgrades or replacements can be ordered without the need for new ear impressions.

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Backed by a 60-day trial and 1-year warranty