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TUNZTM Solo Personal Audio Monitors


PRICE - $299.95

Superior Sound Technology's TunzTM Series Personal Audio Monitors set new standards in fit, seal and wearability. Designed by the world’s largest and most advanced manufacturer of custom hearing instruments, Starkey Laboratories.

The TunzTM Solo is an in-ear custom-fit Personal Audio Monitor System that provides unmatched comfort and secure fit with unique, low-profile styling and up to 26 dB of sound isolation from ambient noise for greater music enjoyment. Ideal for motorcycling, iPod®, iPhone®, computer gaming or MP3 players. They act as true earplugs when riding by providing protection from dangerous wind noise.

Our customers tell us these are fantastic for commercial air travel. With true 26db sound isolation, they eliminate the need for bulky, battery powered "noise canceling" technology. NOTHING is better than a custom fit to put high quality sound right to your ear canals!

TunzTM Solo Stereo In-Ear Monitors at a Glance:

  • Custom-fit earmold audio headphones
  • Up to 26 dB of isolation from unwanted noise
  • Drivers: Single balanced armature receiver
  • Configured with 53” hardwire cables exiting downward with 3.5 MM plug
  • Sensitivity (1000 Hz): 117 dB @ 1 mW
  • Impedance (1000 Hz): 396 Ohms
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz to 5,550 Hz

Original ear impressions taken by Superior Sound Technology are digitally scanned and stored in Starkey’s “Ears on File” program so upgrades or replacements can be ordered without the need for new ear impressions. Shells are laser-inscribed with each owner’s name and serial numbers.

>>View List of Shell, Faceplate and Cable Colors Available

Backed by a 60-day trial and 1-year warranty