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Radio/Newscaster Earmold

PRICE - $89.95

Superior Sound Technology's "skeleton style" earmold is used extensively by broadcast professionals, reporters and numerous law enforcement agencies. The custom design allows for discreet and clear two-way communications. Also known as an IFB earepiece, it stands for, 'Interruptible Fold Back.'  The IFB is a system used for TV as a cuing and monitoring. It is also used in film making, radio broadcasting and video production.

  • Extreme comfort Starflex material that molds to skin temperature. 
  • Made with ported chamber to allow normal conversations to be heard.
  • 16 distinct custom colors are available
  • Superior Sound Technology can supply, (through Otto Engineering or PCL or Earphone Connection), the correct radio adapters, lapel microphones, push-to-talk 1, 2 & 3 wire surveillance systems, plus specialty items such as helmet mikes, throat microphones tactical PTT systems for SWAT and Special Ops. Call us and ask us to assemble a custom quote for your individual and departmental radio needs.

Note: Original ear impressions taken by Superior Sound Technology are digitally scanned and stored in Starkey’s “Ears on File” program so upgrades or replacements can be ordered without the need for new ear impressions.

>> View Custom Earmold Colors Available

Backed by a 60-day trial and 1-year warranty